Klipsch Image S4 Headphones Review

Klipsch Image S4 Earphones: Our Review.

“$300 earphones in a $70 package.”

Since the Klipsch Image S4 Headphones came onto the scene in 2009, they have been the sub-$100 earphones to beat. They provide crystal clear sound and a heavy but not overwhelming bass response. The highs, mids and lows are all clear, and really provide a very good listening experience no matter what kind of music you’re listening to. It doesn’t stand out in any particular way, but also doesn’t have any particular weaknesses.

The Specs:

klipsch-image-s4 headphones review carry case
Stainless Steel Carrying Case
  • Oval Ear Tips form a great seal in your ear.
  • Dual Magnet Micro-Speaker for Heavy Bass Response
  • Stainless Steel carrying case

Harmonious Genres:

classical, jazz, rock, gaming, country, anything really.

Genres to Avoid:

None. These earphones can handle anything you throw at them.

Comfort Factor:

-Comes with 3 different sized earbuds to fit most ears. The earbuds are wider than other ones I’ve tried but they fit well and didn’t cause me any problems.

Who Is It For?:

Ranked #1 on our list for “Best Headphones under $100“, these earphones have the kind of sound quality that you usually expect from a $300 pair of headphones. They work seamlessly with portable devices without the need for an amp.
If you want a mic, try the Klipsch Image S4i‘s, which have a mic specifically for use with smartphones and laptops.

Price: $60.58
Klipsch Image S4 Headphones Review

What my Peers are Saying:

From Examiner.com:
“Hands down, these are the most comfortable in-ear headphones I’ve ever used! They do have very nice bass response and mid-range as well. These are a huge improvement over any earbuds included with an iPod or other MP3 type player…they are a good value and I don’t hesitate to recommend them.” –Jay Siegel

From Cnet:
Klipsch somehow managed to create an exceptional sound space for very little money, and we’d be very surprised if anyone was not impressed by what these have to offer for the money