Classical Music As It Was Meant to Be Heard.

Mozart - classical music headphones
Sound Quality so Good, Even He’s Impressed.

Now that the era of low quality MP3 files is receding in favor of high quality digital music, this brings up a new problem:
Where does one go for the best, high quality recordings of classical music? Lately there’s been a surge in high quality digital music files that create a detailed and immersive music listening experience. I’ve created a guide for the best sites to buy high quality classical music, as well as internet streaming music services that have an ample classical music selection.

Easy, informative Guides to Finding the Right Headphones For You.

Should I get earbuds or headphones? What’s the difference between closed-back and Open? When should I consider getting an amp? This buying guide will take you through many of the common questions you’re bound to have. And remember: if you have a question, I’m only a click away!!

Your Headphones Are Only As Good As What You Feed Them

When digital music first entered the scene as mp3 files, the compression stripped away a lot of the intricate and details in classical music.

Recently there has been a shift towards lossless audio formats, or HD music. Apple has began offering HD versions of their songs, and Streaming Music Stations now offer HD versions of their music stations.

I compiled a list of the best sites to get HD classical music:

Best HD Classical Music Stores and Services.

“So tell me: what’s the best of the best?”

Congratulations on being ready to make the splash! But how deep a pool are you willing to jump in? I’ve sorted the headphones by how they perform next to headphones in their price range:

I consider the Sennheiser HD800s to be the best quality and most comfortable headphones I’ve ever tried (so far). You can read the Sennheiser HD800 review here.

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