There’s been a major surge in music listening options over the past couple of years with music services like iTunes selling songs at 99 cents a pop to online streaming services like Rdio.

Another great thing has been the move away from low quality mp3 music files that compress and distort original recordings towards lossless audio files like FLAC and M4A (iTunes’ new lossless audio format). This particularly benefits classical music, which uses complex and varied sounds in symphony (hah!) with each other to achieve their effects.

This means that, paired with some high quality headphones, you can enjoy a music reproduction experience that rivals being there in the audience for the live performance. Except that they wait for you…

Best Places to Buy High Quality Classical Music Online

Evaluating each services’ classical music selection, quality of digital files and ease of use, I sorted out the multitude of online classical music buying options into a top 5 list. I’ve also included online stores that didn’t make the cut, and why.

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Best Music Streaming Services for Classical Music

The biggest growth in the music industry lately has been in the music streaming service world. Services like Rdio and Spotify have become ubiquitous all over social networks. But are they worth it? And what about their classical music selection?

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Best Online Radio Services for Classical Music

These differ from streaming services because you are essentially tuning into a preset radio station, instead of creating your own. The benefits of these stations is that their may be a DJ that you would like to listen to, like Ira Glass of NPR. You may also learn about the music scene in another city, since these stations tend to aggregate online radio stations from all over the world.

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  1. I just bought a Senn HD 598 and mainly use them for laptop listening. My music choices are primarily classical. Can you recommend or do a review on amplifiers that are fitting for headphones like these?

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