The Top Wireless Earbuds For 2018.

Perfect for runners, commuting, or working around the house. Wireless earbuds let you listen to music without having to be tethered to a stereo or computer, and without a cord to get snagged on anything.

This list rates the top 9 wireless earbuds currently available based on price, sound quality, and comfort. If you listen to music with earbuds every day, it’s definitely worth it to spend a little extra and get a really good quality pair. There are a few different styles available, have a read through the descriptions to see which ones will be best suited to your needs.

#1 Sony SBH80

Sony SBH80

There are several form-factor options to consider with wireless earbuds, but if overall sound quality and sleek, multi-function design is your priority, then the Sony SBH80 wireless earbuds should be at the top of your list. Granted, the around-the-neck design may not work for all active users, but the high quality audio performance, easy Bluetooth NFC pairing, and great talkback mic quality keep these earbuds a step ahead of the competition.

The Sony SBH80 allows 6+ hours of playback time, uses the high quality aptX audio codec, and can simultaneously connect to multiple devices. The design is discrete and is perfectly suited for use at the office, traveling, or light exercise.


  • great sound quality
  • comfortable
  • dual microphones for good talkback quality
  • aptX audio codec
  • multi-device connection via Bluetooth
  • NFC pairing
  • low profile design


  • active users may find that the control/battery neck piece can slide around during exercise
  • collared shirts can easily hide the neck loop but may also diminish the talkback mic quality
  • control buttons are almost too discrete and can be hard to feel out
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#2 UA Wireless Headphones

UA Wireless Earbuds

These Under Armour wireless earbuds are engineered by the audio legends at JBL, and they have the sound quality to match. They are designed to have good moisture resistance, making them great for outdoor and high-sweat activities. These earbuds use a “twist lock” ear tip piece to securely hold them in place, though some users can experience a fit issue depending on the ear tip size selection.

Under Armour earbuds deliver great quality sound, reliable performance, and good moisture resistance, giving them a strong advantage over other brands in a similar price range on this list.


  • quality sound and solid bass output from 5.8mm JBL drivers
  • good moisture/water/sweat resistance
  • twist-lock ear tip pieces
  • lightweight design
  • good battery life


  • not able to use with Apple Siri
  • some users can experience trouble with the fit depending on ear size
  • signal can cutout when using some mobile devices
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#3 Bose Soundsport Wireless

Bose Soundsport

Bose Soundsport wireless earbuds provide great sounding audio with their Active EQ technology. The free mobile app is a handy tool for customizing the listening experience and monitoring other headphone functions. Another premium feature are the three sizes of Stay Hear+ ear tips, which provide a reliable fit and good wearing comfort.

Some early models of the Soundsport were prone to damage by moisture, humidity, and sweat, but Bose has worked to resolve those issues. These earbuds certainly aren’t the smallest that you’ll see, but the sound quality and comfort make up for the larger size.


  • easy Bluetooth pairing with NFC
  • Active EQ and mobile app for enhanced sound quality
  • 6-hour battery life
  • three sizes of Stay Hear+ ear tips
  • 15-minute charge provides 1 hour of playback


  • larger than many other earbuds,
  • much higher price point than models with similar features,
  • early models are susceptible to damage by moisture, humidity, and sweat.
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#4 Jaybird X2

Jaybird X2

If you’re looking for a set of earbuds with a long-lasting battery, smooth audio reproduction, and a low-profile design, then the Jaybird X2 earbuds should get your attention. The foam ear tips combined with the silicone ear fins make these earbuds very comfortable and resilient in high-activity usage.

While the Jaybird X2 won’t give you a strong, exaggerated bass response like some models can do, the overall sound quality is even and pleasing. Moisture resistance is good, and Jaybird is one of the few companies providing a lifetime warranty against sweat. One downside is the Bluetooth control and connectivity issues with certain Samsung devices. Additionally, there have been reports of counterfeit devices being sold, so be on the lookout for those and buy from reputable sources.


  • 8-hour battery life
  • low profile design
  • great sound quality
  • comfortable
  • good moisture resistance


  • Bluetooth connectivity issues with Samsung devices
  • inferior counterfeit products may be on the market
  • lower bass response than some earbud brands
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#5 Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

These are the only earbuds on the list that are billed as waterproof and sweatproof. The Plantronics BackBeat Fit headset earbuds feature a behind-the-head type of design, making them great for staying in place for exercise or other high-activity uses. The durable rubberized coating holds up well in harsh environments, and the 8+ hour battery life is a great feature.

The BackBeat Fit earbuds/headset come with a free mobile app for monitoring battery life and firmware update notifications, and a smartphone armband is included in most retail packages. Playback sound quality is good, but not anything to brag about, and the control buttons on the end of each earbud allow for fast and convenient operation.


  • water-proof
  • 8+ hour battery life
  • no loose cables
  • good Bluetooth range
  • convenient control buttons on the end of each earbud


  • may not fit will for users wearing a hat,
  • lower volume output than some other earbud brands,
  • not as comfortable when wearing eye glasses,
  • sound is good but tends to exaggerate higher frequencies.
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#6 Beats Powerbeats3

Beats Powerbeats3

The around-the-ear loop design of the Beats Powerbeats3 earbuds make them a great choice for high-activity uses, and the four ear tip sizes are great for customizing the fit and comfort level of these earbuds. The 6-hour battery life provides reasonable playback time, and the moisture resistance is decent.

Sound quality is good-to-average for the Powerbeats2, but the real negative against the earbuds is the overall construction quality. The in-line remote/mic controller seems cheaply assembled and is not very resistant to moisture. Some users have also had issues with breaking off plastic components of the earbuds when changing out ear tips. Even so, these earbuds deliver reasonable performance at a good price.


  • well designed for high-activity use
  • good moisture resistance
  • handy cord keeper included to tighten up loose cable slack behind the neck


  • construction quality and durability can be an issue
  • in-line remote/mic is not very resistant to moisture
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#7 Jabra Sport Coach

Jabra Sport Coach

The Jabra Sport Coach earbuds come with some interesting features, most notably the built-in Track Fit motion sensor and the in-ear coaching app. The free cross training mobile app includes 50 exercises and also allows the user to select enhanced audio functions. Several sizes of ear gels and ear wings are included for a comfortable fit.

High moisture resistance and comfortability make the Jabra Sport Coach earbuds a great choice for high-activity use. However, the overall lower sound quality without the enhanced app and the generally low volume output are features that keep these earbuds from ranking higher on this list.


  • comfortable
  • good moisture resistance
  • easy connection with Bluetooth NFC
  • free app and coaching tools
  • Track Fit motion sensor


  • lower than average 5-hour playback time
  • lower output volume compared to other models
  • sound enhancements require using the free mobile app
  • higher than average defective products reported when compared with other brands
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#8 Jabra Sport Pace

Jabra Sport Pace

With another option for the secure around-the-ear loop design, the Jabra Sport Pace earbuds are good for exercise and high-activity environments. They are lightweight and have reasonable moisture resistance. The controls are easy to access, but the talkback microphone quality leaves something to be desired.

The overall sound quality of the Sport Pace is reasonably well balanced, but this probably isn’t a good choice for using in noisy environments or windy outdoor activities. The lower than average battery life is another factor that keeps this item from ranking higher on the list.


  • fits comfortably and securely in place
  • lightweight design
  • dependable audio quality and even tones
  • includes free Sport Life mobile app
  • reflective cable
  • rapid charge feature


  • bad microphone quality
  • not great for noisy environments
  • moisture resistance is below average
  • 4-5 hour battery life
  • battery life cycle and durability issues have been noted by several users
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#9 LG Tone Platinum

LG Tone Platinum

The popular around-the-neck design in Bluetooth wireless earbuds has been a proven style for several LG products, but the LT Tone Platinum falls a little flat when compared to previous models and other brands on this list. The control and battery housing that wraps around the neck is robust, and the retractable earbuds and cables are a nice touch, but the earbud wires can be prone to failure.

The talkback mic quality is ok, but not great. And the sound is reasonable, but certainly not anything special given the Tone Platinum’s price point. Previous LG models of similar design have more reliable performance and longer battery life, making the tone Platinum a less-than-stellar upgrade option.


  • comfortable to wear
  • convenient retractable earbuds and cables
  • stylish LG around-the-neck design


  • average sound quality at a premium price
  • earbud wires are prone to breaking
  • mic quality is not great
  • lower battery life than previous models
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