Our Top-Rated Picks For The Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Model of 2018

Summer weather means pool parties, backyard barbecues, and days at the beach. Waterproof bluetooth speakers mean that you can pump up the jams without having to worry about the speakers getting a little wet, and some are even fully submersible. They are also great for other outdoor activities where you may want some music such as boot camp classes, team practices, sports events, outdoor markets, etc. If you are a cyclist, you can find waterproof bluetooth speakers that attach to your handlebars or fit into a water bottle slot so that you can listen to you tunes while you’re out on the road or the trail without having to worry about rain or puddles ruining your speakers. We’ve also listed a few non-waterproof options at the end that are great for use around the home, just make sure they are in a spot where they won’t get totally soaked by splashing or rain.

#1 Fugoo Sport XL

Fugoo Sport XL

Fugoo gets it right with the Sport XL waterproof Buetooth speaker. A portable speaker that is waterproof and actually sounds good can sometimes be a challenge to find, which is why the Sport XL grabs the top spot on this list. Yes, it’s waterproof, but it also floats. The 360˚ sound field delivers great sound quality compared to some other brands, and there is an outdoor EQ mode to help the high frequencies cut through an open air environment.

The Fugoo Sport XL isn’t the loudest portable speaker you’ll find, but it will be one of the longest lasting with the 35-hour battery that also serves as a portable power bank that can charge your mobile devices. And the hands free speakerphone function will support Siri and Google Now.


  • long lasting 35-hour battery
  • charges other mobile devices
  • waterproof to IP67 specs
  • 360˚ sound
  • great sound quality compared to other products


  • max volume is a lower than some brands
  • heavier than other portable models
  • outer case can be loose which causes a vibration sound at certain frequencies
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#2 Braven BRV-X

Braven BRV-X

For an ultra-rugged music playback solution, the Braven BRV-X portable Bluetooth speaker delivers reliable performance at a reasonable price. Waterproof and shockproof to IPX7 standards, the BRV-X delivers great sound in a variety of challenging environments. This makes it well suited for the backyard, the beach, or the construction site.

Braven doesn’t win any style points with the BRV-X, but the 12-hour playback time and 5200 mAh portable power bank provide solid functionality. The dual audio mode option allows indoor listeners to experience a warm and smooth frequency profile, while the outdoor mode brightens up the sound for enhanced clarity.


  • great sound for the price
  • waterproof to IPX7 specs
  • can charge other mobile devices
  • dual audio mode for indoor/outdoor use


  • shorter battery life of 12-hours compared to other options
  • limited color options
  • can take some time to pair with certain Bluetooth devices
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#3 Fugoo Tough

Fugoo Tough

Like the #1 rated Sport XL, the Fugoo Tough is a strong contender in the waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker field. The Tough provides clean and accurate sound, delivering strong bass without an artificial boom that can be heard in many other lower quality units. And this portable speaker can get loud – up to 95 dB.SPL-A.

The Fugoo Tough is also a full-duplex speakerphone with a hands free mic that supports Siri and Google Now. The 360˚ sound field is great, and there are a load of accessories to choose from that will help you strap, mount, and attach the Tough to just about anything, including a bike. Plus, the 40-hour battery life will keep you going all day and night, and then some.


  • 40-hour battery life
  • full-duplex speakerphone with hands free mic
  • 360˚ sound, lots of accessories and mounting options
  • remote control option
  • clean and accurate sound at high volume levels


  • no USB output for charging other devices
  • does not float
  • no color choices
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#4 UE Megaboom

UE Megaboom

It’s hard not to love the UE Megaboom. There are several color options to choose from, and the bottle-shaped design is an attractive form factor for this wireless Bluetooth speaker. Coming in at less the two pounds, the lightweight Megaboom boasts an impressive 100’ Bluetooth range and delivers 360˚ of sound.

The 20-hour battery provides reliable performance and there is support for pairing an additional Megaboom for even more audio coverage. A free mobile app is available for remote control and customization, and the hands free speakerphone integration is another handy option.


  • lightweight,
  • long wireless Bluetooth range,
  • mobile app remote control,
  • waterproof to IPX7 standards,
  • sized well to fit into a bicycle bottle cage.


  • connectivity can be intermittent at ranges greater than 60’,
  • bass frequencies may be lower than expected for some users,
  • charging port is somewhat difficult to access,
  • Bluetooth linking of multiple units takes some time to setup.
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Sharkk 2O

If this list was ranking waterproof Bluetooth speakers under $100, the Sharkk 2O would come in at #1. With 60’ of useable Bluetooth range, and a full waterproof IP67 rating, the Sharkk 2O is the perfect outdoor audio companion. One clever bit of technology that sets this speaker apart from all the rest is the built-in microSD card slot, which allows users to play music on the go without syncing other mobile devices.

Bluetooth NFC technology allows for convenient pairing, and overall audio clarity and volume output is good. Perhaps the only thing keeping the Sharkk 2O from ranking higher on this list is the moderate 8-hour battery life that some users find to be less than adequate for long term use. But with all of the other features available, this portable speaker system is worth considering, especially if you can find it on sale.


  • waterproof and dustproof to IP67 specs
  • microSD card slot for integrated music playback
  • Bluetooth NFC for convenient pairing
  • Siri compatibility


  • shorter 8-hour battery life
  • floats with speaker side down
  • built-in music playback does not allow for track controls
  • sound may not be as full as other higher ranking products
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>#6 Nyne Aqua

Nyne Aqua

Arguably the most unique design in the group, the Nyne Aqua effortlessly floats on the water with a wavy form that is both functional and attractive. This wireless Bluetooth speaker also has one of the best guarantees in the group with a 3-year Platinum Dealer Warranty. Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity range is good and the IPX7 waterproof rating makes the Aqua great for water-filled activities.

There are four EQ settings, but the overall sound quality and bass response is only average compared to other speakers on this list. A 10-hour battery life is reasonable and the hands free microphone makes the Nyne Aqua a suitable speakerphone.


  • waterproof and shockproof to IPX7 standards
  • 3-year warranty
  • floats
  • unique form factor
  • stands upright or lies flat


  • max volume is lower than some other units
  • water can get in the grill holes causing a muffled sound
  • slightly tinny sound with less than average bass response
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#7 Scosche boomBOTTLE H2O

Scosche boomBOTTLE H2O

The Scosche boomBOTTLE H2O is a rugged, utilitarian, and dependable wireless Bluetooth speaker for on-the-go activities. The massive 50mm up-firing speaker provides surprisingly full monaural sound from an otherwise compact package. There is no talkback microphone, but the IP67 waterproof rating and solid construction provides plenty of portable audio convenience on your adventures.

Overall sound quality and max volume levels are decent, especially for a single loudspeaker, and the 11-hour battery life is good. The size of the boomBOTTLE H2O fits many bottle cages, but some rigid cage designs may not accommodate the wider bottle design and button configuration.


  • rugged design with carabiner clip
  • easy control with play/pause/track/volume buttons
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating
  • three color options


  • does not fit in all bottle cages due to button design and product width
  • mono sound from a single speaker
  • can be a challenge to turn on/off
  • floats with speaker sideways in the water
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#8 UE Boom

UE Boom

One of the most popular portable Bluetooth speakers is the UE Boom, and there’s a good reason for that. The 15-hour battery life provides great playback time, two Booms can be paired together for audio distribution, two simultaneous Bluetooth sources may be connected for dual playback, and the Boom app provides remote control and preset functionality.

This wireless speaker is not waterproof, but the acoustic skin and plasma coating are water and stain resistant. The UE Boom can also double as a speakerphone for hands free calling. Sound quality features clear highs and the Boom certainly gets loud enough to cover most outdoor activity needs. If you don’t need a fully waterproof solution, the Boom is a great place to start.


  • two simultaneous Bluetooth source pairing
  • loud and clear sound
  • convenient and portable size
  • additional Boom can be paired for enhanced audio coverage


  • not waterproof (only water and stain resistant)
  • battery life may not always provide full-rated output
  • cannot answer a call directly from the speaker
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#9 Nixon Blaster Wireless Speaker

Nixon Blaster

With plenty of colorful designs to choose from, the rubberized Nixon Blaster wireless speaker will help you make an audio and visual statement at the next outdoor activity. The Blaster is easy to use, works well as a speakerphone, and can accommodate a second paired Blaster for greater sound coverage.

While it isn’t as loud at max volume as some devices, the Nixon Blaster does provide a rather full and mellow sound that isn’t shrill like some small speakers can be. This isn’t a completely waterproof speaker, but is has good performance in casual water environments. For the modest price point, the Blaster is worth considering for an extra-portable Bluetooth speaker.


  • great functionality as a speakerphone
  • several color and design options
  • additional Blaster can be added for more audio coverage
  • full and mellow sound


  • maximum volume is not as loud as some other brands
  • not fully waterproof
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#10 Outdoor Technology Big Turtle Shell 2.0

Outdoor Technology Big Turtle Shell

Outdoor Technology and their Big Turtle Shell 2.0 might come away with the most creative physical design for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker on this list. Getting its start from a Kickstarter campaign, the Big Turtle Shell features omni-directional sound radiating from a floating package that looks like it could withstand a rugged environment. Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology allows for quality sound reproduction, and the side-mounted buttons provide convenient playback control.

The Big Turtle Shell 2.0 isn’t entirely waterproof, but it is very water resistant. The 16-hour battery life is good for long playback sessions and there is even a charging port to keep your other mobile devices powered on.


  • sturdy construction,
  • conveniently placed carrying handles,
  • backup power charging port,
  • floats with all ports closed,
  • radiates omni-directional sound,
  • even bass response, louder than most other speakers on this list.


  • large footprint (11” x 6” x 3.5”)
  • some users report battery reliability issues
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#11 House of Marley Chant Sport

House of Marley Chant Sport

With a design that easily fits most bottle cage holders and a carbiner clip for flexible attachment options, the House of Marley Chant Sport is a great sounding portable speaker that is compact and unassuming. The mono speaker design means that there won’t be any strange artifacts caused by poorly aligned stereo drivers, and the bass response from the compact Chant Sport is very agreeable.

One thing that sets this soda can-shaped wireless speaker apart from other similar products is the included talkback microphone for speakerphone use. It is not waterproof, but the House of Marley Chant Sport is water and shock resistant, so it is a worthy companion for most outdoor activities and around the house. The 8-hour battery life is also a plus for this little sonic marvel.


  • fits most cup holders and bottle cages,
  • microphone for speakerphone use,
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity,
  • great sound quality.


  • not waterproof (water resistant only)
  • user interface is not as sophisticated as other similar products
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#12 Polk Audio Boom Swimmer

Polk Audio Boom Swimmer

This little wireless speaker is ultra-portable and features some unique mounting options. The Polk Audio Boom Swimmer utilizes a single speaker in an enclosure featuring a flexible tail that can bend, clamp, or hook to just about anything. A suction cup attachment is also available for sticking to the window or a shower wall.

Available in multiple colors, the Boom Swimmer is waterproof and shockproof. Sound quality is OK, considering it is such a small speaker, but the battery life seems to be lower than one might desire in a portable playback device. Users wishing to connect an auxiliary audio source via the 3.5mm jack should know that the flexible back tail needs to be removed from the Boom Swimmer to access the audio and charging ports.


  • convenient design and mounting options
  • reasonable sound from a single speaker
  • several colors to choose from
  • great price for a waterproof speaker


  • battery life is not the best
  • O-ring seal can come loose rather easily causing the unit to lose its waterproof rating
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#13 NudeAudio Super M

NudeAudio SuperM

With one of the smallest physical designs on this list, the NudeAudio Super M wireless speaker is definitely very portable. It’s about the size of most handheld smartphones and has a convenient wrist strap. It is waterproof to IPX5 specifications and boasts a total of four neodymium speaker drivers.

Overall sound quality and volume are lacking from this device, which might not be surprising given its small mass. Another confusing feature for some users is the separate volume control for line input and Bluetooth connected sources. The Super M may be a good backup choice for an ultra portable speaker, but you may want to consider a product higher on this list for greater reliability and better sound quality.


  • waterproof to IPX5 standards
  • very compact form and convenient shape
  • reasonable sound quality at high volume


  • too much treble compared to bass output
  • battery life is lower than expected for many users
  • charging port durability issues
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Not Waterproof

#1 Fluance Fi50

Fluance Fi50

Finding a compact wireless Bluetooth speaker system with well-balanced sound can be a challenge, which is why the Fluance Fi50 ends up at the top of this particular category. Shaped more like a traditional mini stereo boom box, the MDF wood cabinet of the Fi50 produces a very full and natural sound driven by the dual 5” woofers with coaxially mounted tweeters.

The Fluance Fi50 isn’t ultra-compact, but the 20.5” wide loudspeaker assembly looks great on a countertop, shelf, or desk. Crisp highs, balanced mids, and accurate bass allow the Fi50 to compete with some of the best names in Bluetooth speaker solutions.


  • balanced full-range sound quality
  • Bluetooth aptX connectivity
  • MDF wood cabinet
  • not too bass-heavy
  • attractive finish
  • charging port for mobile devices


  • 13-pound enclosure
  • user interface is not the most convenient
  • built-in voice prompts can become distracting
  • Bluetooth range is limited for some devices
  • no remote control
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#2 Sony SRS-X5

Sony SRS-X5

The Sony SRS-X5 consistently ranks high among portable Bluetooth loudspeaker aficionados for its excellent sound quality, AAC and aptX audio codec support, and overall functionality. The 8-hour battery life makes this a great portable solution, and the dual mid-range speakers with an additional woofer deliver crisp and tight audio in just about any environment.

One of the few negative marks against the SRS-X5 is that the control buttons are impossible to feel out since they are touch sensitive and flush mounted on a smooth and shiny surface. The speakerphone option is also not the greatest, but the overall sound quality for music playback more than compensates for most of these issues.


  • great sound reproduction quality
  • portable with included battery
  • charging port for connecting other mobile devices
  • AAC and aptx Bluetooth audio codec


  • touch sensitive controls are hard to find by feel
  • battery life expectancy is below average for some users
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#3 Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker III

Bose Soundlink III

Bose delivers another quality audio product with the portable Soundlink III wireless Bluetooth speaker system. The only reason for the lower ranking on this list is the premium price point nearing $300, but aside from that, the Soundlink III reproduces great quality sound that is plenty loud for most in-home applications and portable audio scenarios.

The speaker system can remember up to 6 different Bluetooth devices, but there is no Bluethooth aptX codec or NFC support. Sound quality is good, with a predictable low frequency emphasis that is common for many compact Bose loudspeakers. Overall, the Soundlink III is a dependable, loud, and convenient wireless speaker solution.


  • 14-hour battery life
  • great Bose sound quality
  • maximum volume is louder than most other speakers on this list
  • dependable construction and longevity


  • does not support aptX codec or NFC pairing technology
  • no remote control
  • some users may not appreciate the enhanced bass frequency performance
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#4 Bose SoundTouch 10

Bose SoundTouch10

An entire whole-home audio system can be delivered by using the Bose SoundTouch 10 wireless music system. Several SountTouch units can be linked together via WiFi and controlled from the SoundTouch mobile app. Connections to Internet radio and online music services allow the SoundTouch 10 to provide great user features at a competitive price of less than $200.

The SoundTouch app provides preset and remote control functions, and the Bluetooth pairing for audio playback works well. Users should note that this is a mono speaker and there is no battery for portable use. Sound quality is good, but the mid-range frequencies can sometimes seem a little too bright depending on the style of music.


  • easily integrated with other SoundTouch systems on the same WiFi network
  • convenient mobile app control
  • connection to Internet radio and streaming services
  • crisp and clear sound quality


  • mono speaker system
  • no battery for portable use
  • awkward iTunes library setup requirements
  • inconsistent Bluetooth connectivity with some devices
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