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Best Expensive Headphones

The Best Expensive Headphones: Welcome to the Elite Class. This list of headphones are for those who want the absolute best headphones possible, and for them nothing else will do. The headphones featured here are pricey, but in return you get sound reproduction unlike anything else you've ever heard before. These are the Ferraris of [...]

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Best Sennheiser HD800 Cable Upgrades

Best Sennheiser HD800 Cable Upgrades While the cable that comes with the HD800 is quite good: a Kevlar reinforced copper wire that's covered with a fabric sheath. But in the audiophile world, customizing your audio set up is like second nature. You need to find the right sound for you, which can vary from person [...]

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Sennheiser HD800 Review

Sennheiser HD800 Review: The Pinnacle of Headphone Sound Reproduction [DFR:Embedded Comparison Set?p=777700000171286] When Sennheiser first unveiled the HD800 Headphones as they're new flagship headphones in April 2009, it knocked the entire audiophile world on its head for many reasons. For one, headphones have always had a basic physics problem when it comes to transducers: a [...]

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