tips and advice for purchasing and using headphones.

Headphones Deals

Black Friday Deals on Headphones Featured Here! Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals are here! We'll keep posting all headphones and audio-gear related deals as they come. Deals from Audio Technica ATH-M50 Monitor Headphones: $199.99 $108.84 Ranked #2 on our list of the Top Ten Headphones, these headphones are priced as low as they've ever been. [...]

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Headphone Amp Buying Guide

What are headphone amplifiers and what do they do? The world of amplifiers can be confusing for non-audiophiles, but hopefully this headphone amp buying guide will help answer your questions. An amp essentially takes the music source, whether that be your iPod or home computer, and amplifies the signal it sends out to your headphones. [...]

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