Best Sennheiser HD800 Cable Upgrades

Best Sennheiser HD800 Cable Upgrades

While the cable that comes with the HD800 is quite good: a Kevlar reinforced copper wire that’s covered with a fabric sheath. But in the audiophile world, customizing your audio set up is like second nature. You need to find the right sound for you, which can vary from person to person. Most people who try the HD800’s and don’t like it say it’s because it’s too bright. Those who go for aftermarket cable upgrades tend to focus on making the music sound a little bit warmer. Also, there’s some neat ways that you can increase the naturalism of the music source so that the HD800’s can bring you even closer to the music.

There’s a reason Sennheiser made the Y-shaped headphone cable detachable. When you are catering to the incredibly passionate audiophile crowd, you have to realize that not one cable with satisfy everyone all the time. These are the top three aftermarket cables that offer a clear upgrade over Sennheiser’s stock cable. I’ll explain what sets it apart and hopefully you can find the right cable for you.

1. CablePro HD800 Balanced Headphone Cable

The benefits over Sennheiser’s stock cable:

Headroom has essentially created its own ecosystem where their products work best when you use all of them together. These are the cables you want to go for if you want Headroom’s famous ‘balanced headphone drive’. Coupled with a Headroom amp, the balanced headphone drive will double voltage swing power while also decreasing distortion. With the Headroom amp and cable you’ll get a much more tonally balanced sound as well as a more natural sounding soundstage and instrument separation.

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2. Cardas Balanced Cable for HD800 15ft. – Gold

The benefits over Sennheiser’s stock cable:

Cardas is one of the most famous brands for aftermarket cables and there’s a reason. Their famous “Golden Ratio” braiding is designed to bring out great detail and clarity in your music. Paired with a high quality amp, these Cardas headphone cables bring ‘balance’ to the HD800 while still bringing out the stunning detail that the HD800 does best.

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3. Cardas Fat Pipe Balanced XLR GOLD for HD800

This is a specially produced headphone cable by Cardas made especially for Headroom. It’s the standard Cardas ‘Golden Ratio’ braided cable, along with a fabric sheathing that’s flexible and non-microphonic. Of course, since it’s a Headroom exclusive you know that it pairs best with their line of high end headphone amps. Overall if you like Cardas’ headphone cables but enjoy Headroom’s amps, this is the combination designed to give you the best of both worlds.

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