7 Awesomely Geeky Headphones

This may be a shock to some people: I’m a geek. And I’m a sucker for anything Star Wars or Star Trek. (that’s right, I go both ways). You can make headphones that have amazing soundstage, pitch, clarity and it simply won’t matter. I want to put on the Rebel Alliance headphones because I want to feel like I’m leading a rescue mission on the planet Hoth.
You may criticize me, but I say: So what? Here’s some of the most awesome headphones I’ve come across:

Rebel Alliance Fold-Up Headphones

star wars headphones - geeky headphones
I like how they have “fold-up” headphones in the title, as if the folding nature of the Star Wars headphones are the big selling point. I put these headphones on and I feel like I’m getting in an X-wing on a suicide mission to the death star. And it’s okay because we have Luke…he’s our wild card…where was I?

Price: $22.83 –43% off

Other Styles Available: Boba Fett (sweet!), Darth Vader DJ, Storm Trooper

Marvel Retro DJ Headphones

Marvel Retro Headphones - geeky headphones
With the Avengers breaking records everywhere, it’s important for you to tell people that you liked Marvel’s characters before they were cool. These headphones have 90’s era comic drawings on the back-end of these cans like 90’s graffiti.

Price: $39.99

Batman Earbuds

batman earbuds - geeky headphones
Why do you think Batman made that cowl? So he could listen to some tunes while he was going from rooftop to rooftop on those cold Gotham City nights. Now Batman can do some shameless self-promotion with these Batman earbuds. Then again, he has a logo on his chest, so he’s already in the self-made marketing game.
The earbuds are also available for all of DC”s popular superheroes (sorry, Aquaman): Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (yay!) and Flash.

Price: $12.49

The Avengers Earbuds

avengers earbuds - geeky headphones
The Avengers will not be one upped by the Justice League in the licensing game. They also have their own line of earbuds. Not only can you get the famous individuals of their superhero team: Captain America, Iron Man, etc. You can also get the entire team on one earbud. Really? The Hulk can fit on the back end of an earbud?

Price: $19.95

Iron Man Sculpted Earbuds

iron man earbuds - headphones for geeks
But, you say: I’m too geeky for merely a logo: I need the entire set of headphones to be some “Plastic-man-esque” extension of my hero’s costume. Well, guess what: somebody already beat you to it. And convinced others to make it. And here it is.


Transformers Autobot Earbuds

transformers - headphones for your inner geek
As much as I love transformers, there is one major fail here: no decepticon earbuds. C’mon people! Decepticon shirts always outsell autobot shirts. Because we want to advertise how ‘bad’ we are. Like my propensity for jaywalking. That’s right, I said it.


Star Trek Bluetooth Earpiece

star trek bluetooth - headphones for geeks

Here’s where geek fantasies and realities intersect. In TNG (that’s Star Trek: The Next Generation), you could press your badge on your chest and communicate to anyone else who had one of these badges. You could communicate to your ship in outer space in no time at all.

While it’s not on our chest, the Bluetooth device is actually better, if you think about it. Can you imagine a bus where everybody was using a Star Trek communicator? It’s bad enough that we have to hear half the conversation nowadays.

Long story short: I’m getting this headset. No one can stop me.

Price: $53.95

Any other geekily awesome earbuds/headphones that you’ve encountered? Feel free to share in the comments below. What’s your favorite geeky pleasure? Star Trek or Star Wars?